Welcome to BlueShack!

I'm Mike, and this is a portfolio of my work.

I'm interface designer and web developer by profession, as well as game designer, graphic artist, photographer, and a few more things by passion.

If you're sharing interests, or just want to drop me a message - contact me[PGP]

Games & Tools

Split Timer

accurate timer application that keeps track of asymmetrically segmented split times

Syncronized Drawboard

multiple-user drawboard with tile grid function

Ancient Cave Jelly Calculator

calculator for a boss fight in the Lufia 2 rogue-like role playing game

Ancient Cave Reference

collection of sortable/filterable tables of data about the Lufia 2 Gift Mode, the "Ancient Cave"

MTG Deck Builder

deck building tool for experienced players that lets you save decks on your local storage

MTG Play Table

virtual play table for decks built with the MTG Deck Builder

Speedgaming Bingo Board

a seeded, optionally synched bingo board intended for multiplayer races in several games

Kana Trainer

a tool to learn and practice Japanese Kana