Welcome to BlueShack!

I'm Mike, also known as BlueScope, and this is a portfolio of my work.

I'm interface designer and web developer by profession, as well as game designer, graphic artist, photographer, and a few more things by passion.

If you're sharing interests, or just want to drop me a message - contact me[PGP]


Split Timer

accurate timer application that keeps track of asymmetrically segmented split times

Ancient Cave Reference

collection of sortable/filterable tables of data about the Lufia 2 Gift Mode, the "Ancient Cave"

MTG Deck Builder

deck building tool for experienced players that lets you save decks on your local storage

DayZ Standalone Map

high-resolution survival map that's fast and works without Javascript, using native features

Kana Trainer

a tool to learn and practice Japanese Kana


Speedgaming Bingo Board

a seeded, non-synched bingo board intended for multiplayer races in several games

Thrill Digger

a The Legend of Zelda-inspired minigame